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Listening to PlaZma Radio

There are several ways to listen to PlaZma Radio.  Several are outlined below.

  1. To find out song info, view recently played songs, or to make requests, click here (it will open up another browser window)
  2. Pick your stream from the 3 options below.


    128k MP3 Stream


    256k MP3 Stream


    128k IceCast Stream

It's just THAT easy!

Assumptions: DJ PlaZma assumes that you already have an MP3 client on your PC and know how to use it.  He also assumes that you have a Internet connection and speakers of some sort.  Don't forget to turn up the volume.  He also assumes that you know how to listen to streaming audio on the internet and does not offer one-on-one consultations unless you're a hot babe in a bikini.

Minimum Requirements:
    Broadband Internet Connected Device (computer, tablet, Android Device, Apple (gag) device, or some other kind portable data device.)
    An audio player
    Speakers - turned up or Headphones (not turned up too loud)

    A favorite beverage in hand.
    Hot Babes in the background.

If you fail any of the items listed above...well...there are other 80s Internet radio stations.  They're just not this good.

This page last modified Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

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