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SAM Broadcaster

SAM (Spacial Audio Manager) Broadcaster is widely considered the best radio automation software, and for good reason.   IT WORKS.

PlaZma Radio has been run on SAM Broadcaster for most of its existence.  It’s flexible, reliable, easy to use, and gets several updates a year. It also comes in 3 different flavors, based on your automation needs and the environment you use it in.

If you’re interested in any of the SAM product, I have discount links below for each one.

SAM Broadcaster
your complete online radio solution
your complete DJ and mixing solution
your complete live streaming solution

For the Mobile Listener

On a mobile device? Fear not! PlaZma Radio is available while you’re in transit, away from a computer…and, yes…even when you’re in the bathroom.  Download the mobile app with the link below.

Download Mobile App

PlaZma High Quality Shoutcast

For the best listening experience, I (DJ PlaZma) recommend tuning into my 256k ShoutCast stream.  Crystal clear, and all the 80s you could ever ask for.

PlaZma Shoutcast

Your basic ShoutCast listening experience. The same tunes as the other streams, just more…portable.

PlaZma Icecast

For those who prefer IceCast over ShoutCast, I provide you a great sounding, high quality IceCast stream for your PlaZma Radio enjoyment.